Non-Grant Support

In addition to awarding dozens of cash grants each year, the Gordon Elwood Foundation is proud to serve the Southern Oregon community with non-grant support. The goal of our non-grant support is to increase the leadership, resources, and capacity of the nonprofit sector in ways that money alone cannot.

"The highest level of giving is doing so in order to strengthen another human being until he needs to ask help of no one."

Maimonides (1135–1204)
Jewish philosopher, jurist and scientist

The board and staff are encouraged to:

Partner with public and private funders
for learning and achieving greater impact on community and regional issues.

Act as convener
to surface underlying causes of community issues and the opportunity for creative resolution.

Build capacity
among grantees.

Encourage grantees
to share their knowledge and expertise.

Promote collaboration
among grantmakers with similar interests.

Leverage resources
to bring attention to community crisis and vitalization opportunities.

Create opportunities
for new thinking and innovative approaches on community issues.

Provide leadership
development, training, and coaching for staff and volunteers of organizations.

Staff advisory boards
and councils that are aligned with our mission and purpose.