Direct Charitable Activities 2010 - 2011

Background on these activities:
Beginning in 2003, the Foundation’s board of directors decided to invest more than just dollars into the four target counties in southern Oregon to support its regional Vision: Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Curry counties are home to successful youth and individuals, thriving families and communities as demonstrated by: Community Specific Goals: Expenses to promote and carry out these goals are outside the cash grants allocated each year and are recorded and recognized as of the foundation’s administrative budget in 990 PF form as Direct Charitable Activities.

Activity One
In-kind support covering office space, utilities, offices machines, office supplies and conference room for four non-profit tenants and their associated projects.

See webpages for specific goals/outcomes of the tenants:
Jackson County Literacy Council
Jefferson Regional Health Alliance
Medford Schools Foundation
Space Lease Support projected expense/value: $28,134

Activity Two
In-kind community engagement providing staff and/or consultants to convene, coach, facilitate, train, transcribe, act as thinking partner and leverage opportunities to impact at individual, organizational or community level in alignment with foundation goals.
Program Staffing Support cost/value: $93,310

Regional Collaboration Support Efforts

Jefferson e Funders Forum (JeFF)

A learning community of regional funding organizations that make grants outside of themselves for the purpose of:
  • ‣ Building leadership, resources and capacity to support the nonprofit sector.
  • ‣ Sharing information and perspectives on local philanthropy and the intersection with public funding streams.
  • ‣ Cooperatively exploring and developing comprehensive and effective approaches to funding viable community programs or projects.
  • ‣ Sharing experiences and leveraging impact on the communiies we represent and support.
  • ‣ Bringing together representation from all aspects of philanthropy for the purpose of communicating needs, and bringing about change and shared responsibility in and for our community.

Foundation Staff:

‣ Coordinate Annual Retreat and speakers with small planning committee; arrange all details for 30 participants; registrar & coordinate vendor reimbursement.
‣ Maintain regular email connection regarding educational opportunities or significant news regarding sector to list of 60.
‣ Convene 4 quarterly meetings, coordinates presenters, agenda and speakers for an average of 20 participants. Provide refreshments and minutes for each meeting.

Rogue Valley Food System Sub Committee

Foundation Staff:

‣ Support JeFF sub-committee with creation of financial support from regional funders into Food System continuum through grants or other programs.
‣ Provide assistance to Meyer Memorial Trust staff investigating Food System Initiative application from the Rogue Valley.
‣ Assist local Food system leaders in thinking process around a regional grant application focus and goals.

Jefferson Regional Health Alliance

Jefferson Regional Health Alliance is a collaboration of regional community leaders from all sectors acting in a leadership role to improve the health and health care resources of southern Oregonians.

JRHA leadership serves as a platform for collaboration in order to improve health and health care resources. In order to do this, JRHA has set up a series of short-term outcomes to strive for, which will eventually lead into long-term goals.

Foundation Staff:

‣ Support to leadership for activities related to five areas of focus: Oregon Health Care Reform; End of Life Community Education; Mental Health & Primary Care Integration - Chronic Pain Management Guideline Implementation.
‣ Restructure Council structure into five sub committees and quarterly Council meetings.
‣ Assist fiscal sponsorship of a community “end of life” educational movement that aligns with strategy; recruit new coordinator, orient coordinator; coach and support.
‣ Assist Project coordinator with application for Oregon Community Foundation.
‣ Meet with potential funders for two year funding; Coordinate visit with NW Health Foundation, fiscal agent and potential funder.
‣ Meet with JRHA project coordinator to access their needs for fiscal oversight assistance; Assist JRHA Project Coordinator with general office organization; Assist JRHA Project Coordinator with updating financial spreadsheets and coordinating information with NWHF.
‣ Set up Quickbooks files to assist JRHA track income and expenses for JRHA and the COHO project.
‣ Assist JRHA with various office support with NWHF relationship.
‣ Executive director provides trustee role as Secretary for Jefferson Regional Health Alliance.
‣ Financially sponsor Community Health Indicators Presentation for JRHA Council members by Kathy Ingram PhD.
‣ Thinking partner with Southern Oregon Regional Director for Mental Health Services-Jefferson Behavioral Health, Bob Nikkel @ early psychosis care for youth in southern Oregon.
‣ Thinking partner with Jackson County Judge and United Way director regarding adult crisis issues and ways to engage community to address increasing numbers.

Non-Profit Organization, Leadership & Management Support Efforts

Foundation Staff provides as requested services of convening, coaching, facilitating, training, transcribing, and serving as a thinking partner to positively impact youth, individuals, families, organizations and communities in alignment with foundation vision and goals.

‣ Grants Pass Scholarship Foundation
‣ Jackson County Literacy Council Board
‣ Impact One
‣ FEMA Jackson County
‣ Sanctuary One
‣ Family Nurturing Center
‣ Southern Oregon Fundraising Alliance- Hospice Foundation
‣ Downs Syndrome Association
‣ Southern Oregon Funding Alliance/Hospice
‣ Community Works
‣ Kids Unlimited
‣ Southern Oregon Child Study and Treatment Center
‣ WinterSpring
‣ SMART Rogue Valley
‣ Butte Falls Community Schools Partnership
‣ Siskiyou Field Institute & Deer Creek Center
‣ Rogue Valley Senior & Disabled Services
‣ Humane Society

Activity Three
Cash support for expenses related to organizations and projects listed in Activity 1 & 2: $2,298.01

Expenses Include:

‣ Supporting meeting expenses, with community leaders and groups of leaders; as well as speakers, educational and research fees.
‣ Scholarships for selected grantees to attend trainings and seminars.