Direct Charitable Activities 2009 - 2010

Background on these activities:
Beginning in 2003, the Foundation’s board of directors decided to invest more than just dollars into the four target counties in southern Oregon to support its regional Vision: Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Curry counties are home to successful youth and individuals, thriving families and communities as demonstrated by: Community Specific Goals: Expenses to promote and carry out these goals are outside the cash grants allocated each year and are recorded and recognized as of the foundation’s administrative budget in 990 PF form as Direct Charitable Activities.

Activity One
In-kind support for office space, utilities, office machines, supplies and conference room for three tenants:

See webpages for specific goals/outcomes of the tenants:
Medford Schools Foundation
Space Lease Support projected expense/value: $28,134

Activity Two
Community engagement staffing such as convening, facilitating, transcribing, corresponding, and leveraging multi-sector representation and relationships into collaborative with wider audience of key stakeholders for initiatives in alignment with foundation goals.
Program Staffing Support cost/value: $92,863

Regional Collaboration Support Efforts

Jackson County Meth Task Force

Representing participants from law enforcement, recovery programs, public health, children's services, faith groups, non-profits, United Way, and Mental health Services.

Jackson County Learning Community Project

Training 40-125 individuals/community leaders 1-4 times a year to broaden skills needed in addressing complex issues that affect the whole community.

Hispanic Academic Outreach

A collaboration of Rogue Valley Community College, Southern Oregon University, Southern Oregon Educational Service District, Medford 549c School District, North and South Medford High School ELL teachers, members of Club Latino, and interested businesses and non-profits throughout the district, to create ways of helping Hispanic youth in the Rogue Valley graduate from high school, prepare for college or other post-secondary educational opportunities, and the workforce. The focus begins with 9th and 10th grade Hispanic students.

Latino Education Action Planning Summit 2009

Co-convening with Oregon Community Foundation leadership of business, education and government sectors to better understand Hispanic/Latino student and family dynamics and surface opportunities for increasing educational support and outcomes of this growing part of our community.

Rogue Valley Regional Nursing Workforce project

Coordinating and facilitating efforts of a two-county area to create a regional plan that addresses the nursing needs of the region from present day into the next decade. Collaborative partners include public, private, and non-profit sector employees, educational institutions, and workforce training programs.

Jefferson Regional Health Alliance

Initiating a collaboration of the regional community leaders from all sectors to improve the health and health care resources of Southern Oregonians. The foundation provided staff support for meeting planning, coordination, transcription, and correspondence among members.

Southern Oregon Grant Makers Affinity Group now named Jefferson e Funders Forum

Planning and convening meetings of and maintaining correspondence between regional funders maintaining connection between southern Oregon and the regional association of grant makers in Portland.

Act as conduit between national Council of Foundations, Philanthropy Northwest, Grantmakers of Oregon and interests of southern Oregon funders.

The Southern Oregon Grant Makers Affinity Group/ Jefferson e Funders Forum is of service to grant making organizations that grant for the purpose of:

‣ Building leadership, resources, and capacity to support the non-profit sector.
‣ Sharing information and perspectives on local philanthropy and the intersection with public funding streams.
‣ Cooperatively exploring and developing comprehensive and effective approaches to funding viable community programs or projects.
‣ Sharing experiences and leveraging impact on the communities we represent and support.
‣ Bringing together representation from all aspects of philanthropy for the purpose of communicating needs, and bringing about change and shared responsibility in and for our community.

Homeless Youth Services in Jackson County

Convening youth services providers and working with individual directors and board members and needed/requested to move toward shared vision for homeless youth services in Jackson County.

ARRA federal stimulus nonprofit capacity building project

Assist in development of statewide application with multiple partners including TACS, Rural Development Initiatives, and The Ford Family Foundation, to build capacity of non-profits with annual budgets of less than $500,000.

Non-Profit Organization, Leadership & Management Support Efforts

Board development and organizational assistance, workshop facilitation, leadership coaching and/or strategic thinking provided to the non-profits.

‣ WinterSpring
‣ Rogue Valley Development Professionals
‣ Magdalene Home
‣ Rogue Retreat
‣ Non Profit Association of Oregon
‣ Medford Schools Foundation
‣ The Job Council
‣ Commission on Children & Families
‣ Community Works
‣ College Dreams
‣ Rogue Valley Farm to School
‣ CASA of Klamath County
‣ Food & Friends
‣ Senior and Disabled Services
‣ Wild Rivers Community Foundation
‣ SMART Jackson & Josephine County

Activity Three
Cash support for expenses related to organizations and projects listed in Activity 1 & 2: $3,290

Expenses Include:

‣ Supporting meeting expenses, with community leaders and groups of leaders; as well as speakers, educational and research fees.
‣ Scholarships for selected grantees to attend trainings and seminars.