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Grant Process & Guidelines

Current Application Deadline: March 15th

Please Read Letter from Foundation President Julia Beattie


With the recent bequest from the Amanda Thompson Estate, the Foundation’s total value is now $10 million in support of investing in Southern Oregon’s youth, individuals, families and communities. The Foundation awards grants to qualified nonprofits in four Southern Oregon Counties: Jackson, Josephine, Klamath & Curry.

Grants are made based on the Foundation’s Mission of Investing in Southern Oregon’s youth, individuals, families and communities.

Please note that the Foundation's Grants Committee will only review grant applications from non-profit organizations that have spoken to the Executive Director, Kathy Bryon by phone or in person before submitting the application.

The preferred timeframe to contact Kathy for the September 16th deadline is June 4th through June 29th and August 1st - September 7th. You can contact Kathy to discuss your grant proposal idea at 541-282-0643 or email Kathy at kathy@gordonelwoodfoundation.org to setup an appointment.

There are two grant application deadlines:
March 15th and September 16th

Grant awards range between $1,000 to $10,000, with an annual distribution amount of $150,000 and $400,000 depending on the market value of the portfolio and other regional initiatives supported through the Foundation. The Foundation generally accepts 20 to 25 proposals each session and funds one third to one half of the applications.

How to Apply

The Foundation utilizes an online application and submission process.

When you're ready to start the application, click here.

You will be asked to Login or create a Username and Password. You will then be taken to the Applicant Dashboard. Click on the ‘Apply’ link at the top of the page to see what grant process is currently available.

Applications require the following information:

General Information - Entity name, address, contact information

Project information - Mission, area served, dates of project

Narratives 1 - Project description, how need was determined, objectives

Narratives 2 - Long range plans, qualifications to address your objective, other groups providing similar services

Budget & Finance - Organizational financial statements, current and previous year, and program/project budget

Required Attachments - PDFs to be uploaded and submitted with the application

• A one page cover letter
• Last completed fiscal year organizational financial statement and balance sheet
• Current fiscal year organizational financial statement and balance sheet
• A one-page detailed budget for the project/program for which you are requesting funds
• A list of officers and board members with their professional affiliations and phone numbers
• Board of Director’s minutes that demonstrates the board is aware and approves of this grant application
• Your organizational/project planning/evaluation document OR the Logic Model - please download, complete and attach this form
• A copy of 501(c) or 509(a) tax exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service
- OR -
• School District Name, School District Number
- OR -
• IRS documentation for other publicly support entity if not a 501(c)3 agency or school

You will not be able to submit the application without including all of the required attachments. If you have questions or problems, please call Rhonda Gressett at 541-282-0643 or email the office at office@gordonelwoodfoundation.org.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

Applications are reviewed by the Grant Committee over a period of approximately 90 days.

Site visits are scheduled by the Executive Director during the review process and conducted by members of the Grant Committee as well as the Executive Director.


In accordance with our Grant Agreement Form, grant award recipients are required to submit a 6 month interim report and a final report upon the project completion (usually 1 year). If a project has not been completed and the total awarded funds have not been expended, an extension request can be filed. You must contact the office if you would like to extend the contract.

Interim Report Form
Final Report Form

Gordon Elwood

"It makes me feel good that I can help do something. I never really did anything for myself. Everyone is put on this earth to accomplish something, not just for their own self. I just seem to have a purpose — I guess maybe this must be it. Through this Foundation I feel like I have made my life worthwhile to others."

Gordon Elwood
1920 – 1999

Gordon Elwood “Not everyone has the same opportunity I had because of my grandfather, so I would like to help kids succeed and especially through the difficult years of middle school when other kids can be mean. I want them to know that it’s important to work hard and get an education because nobody can take that knowledge away from you.”

Amanda Thompson
1954 – 2016
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