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The Gordon Elwood Foundation is a small ($10 million) private foundation that distributes $150,000 -$200,000 in grants annually for educational, human service, and other charitable purposes, with a geographic focus in Oregon's Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Curry counties. Grants from the Foundation may be made to qualified nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organizations and public entities in the aforementioned four counties. Additional foundation investment in the region is through non-grant support as Direct Charitable Activities offered to individuals, organizations and communities.

As the Gordon Elwood Foundation evolves, the trustees remain committed to Gordon’s single request that they “do good.” The trustees keep the Foundation’s core values front-and-center at all times and require that their executive director challenge them to grow. They form a unique leadership group that uses a blend of compassion, humor, tenacity and demonstrated ability to successfully bring people and communities together for the common good.

To understand our organization and goals further, take a look at our Ten Year Reflection on Foundation’s Commitment to Service (18 min Video).

You can also view our 17 Years of Reflecting Together (Online PDF) for sharings and pics from the Gordon Elwood Foundation’s Board of Directors and Grants Committee gatherings.

Special 2017 Summer Announcement

Amanda Thompson bequests her life savings to Invest in Southern Oregon’s youth, individuals, families and communities.

Amanda was personally aware of the challenges of childhood and acutely aware of the obstacles to children of families with financial challenges where the idea of post high school education or vocational training is often impossible. Inspired by her own experiences and her family’s commitment to supporting people through ministry and healthcare, she met in early 2015 with leadership of the Gordon Elwood Foundation to discuss her estate interests. She wanted to invest her savings locally to be used over time for education, positive youth supports and career training for motivated young people. Less than a year later, Amanda passed away in January 2016. On behalf of the many youth whose lives will be enhanced for years to come and communities who will benefit in perpetuity, the Gordon Elwood Foundation board of directors is honored to steward her vision and estate.

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"As stewards of Gordon's Foundation we have the opportunity to carry out his interest in giving people a hand up, not just a hand out."

Dan Kosmatka
Board of Trustees,
Gordon Elwood Foundation
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